Monday, November 26, 2007

Back from ApacheCon US

Back from ApacheCon US conference in Atlanta. Already two weeks ago... I was on vacation last week.

I attended a few interesting technical sessions:
  • Hacking Atom with Apache Abdera - Garret Rooney
     Abdera looks good. I'm probably going to start looking into porting Apache Tuscany's Atom binding to it soon.

  • Comparing Java Web Frameworks - Matt Raible
     Two sets of slides there and there.

    Here are my notes:
    - Don't believe the hype.
    - Choose the right tool for the job.
    - Most of these frameworks are awful anyway.
    - Flex is really popular.

  • A little REST and Relaxation - Roy T. Fielding
     The slides are there.

    Quote from the presentation: "An architectural style is a coordinated set of architectural constraints that restricts the roles and features of architectural elements, and the allowed relationships among those elements, within any architecture that conforms to that style."

    Huh Oh, I already feel relaxed...

  • WS-* vs. REST: Facts, Myths and Lies - Sanjiva Weerawarana
     My notes:
    - <xml><is><great></is></xml>
    - <or>...</or> <is><it/></is>?
    - <do><i><feel><relaxed/></feel></i></do>?
    - Don't believe the hype.
    - Choose the right tool for the job.
    - Building distributed systems is tough anyway.

  • Back to the Future and One Laptop Per Child - Jim Gettys
     My notes:
    - This is really really useful.
    - This is amazing technology.
    - Again, this is really really useful.
    - For $200 you can participate in the Give One Get One program.
    - If you're a software developer you can volunteer to help. More information there and there.

    Something to think about: How many of you are making sure that your own child has access to a computer? and why are you doing it?

    This One laptop Per Child program can make a difference...

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