Sunday, November 1, 2009

ApacheCon US 2009 - Apache is 10 years old

ApacheCon US 2009 returns to the San Francisco bay area, considered to be the original 'home' of the Apache Software Foundation.

The conference starts on Monday in Oakland, and will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Apache Software Foundation.

Details are available there, including free Hackathon and BarCamp events on Monday and Tuesday.  If you're going, don't miss the Apache Tuscany track:

SCA, Java EE, Spring and Web 2.0 Come Together - Service assembly with Apache Tuscany SCA
Wed, Nov 4, 11am [details]

Do you need to integrate applications? Do you wish application assembly could be as easy as playing Lego with software components? We'll show you how easy it is to turn your code into SCA components and assemble them together with Apache Tuscany.

Luciano Resende and I will also present the latest on SCA and Tuscany, including some cool demos!

Distributed OSGi with SCA using Apache Tuscany
Wed, Nov 4, 1:30pm [details]

Do you want to know more about distributed OSGi? Raymond Feng will show you how you can use Distributed OSGi (RFC 119) and SCA to build a distributed application out of OSGi bundles.

Apache Tuscany: Applying OSGi modularity
Fri, Nov 6, 11:15am [details]

Are you wondering how to turn your code into OSGi bundles? Luciano will share how we did it for the Tuscany runtime code. The benefits, the pain points and issues, and how we resolve them.

Luciano, Raymond and I will be at the Hackathon. Come join us there if you're interested in SCA or the Apache Tuscany project.

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