Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Google Summer of Code 2010 now accepting student applications

The Google Summer of Code 2010 program is now accepting student applications!

Google Summer of Code is a global program to introduce students, ages 18 and over, to the wonderful world of Open Source development. GSoC offers student developers stipends to write code for various Open Source projects. Students can choose from 150 Free and Open Source software projects, in technical areas as diverse as gaming to humanitarian efforts to operating system design.

More info on the Google open-source blog and the GSoC home page.

Each Open Source project contributes mentors and a list of ideas for the students to work on. I've signed up to volunteer as a mentor for the Tuscany project from the Apache Software Foundation. The GSoC ideas from all Apache projects can be found there, the Apache Tuscany project ideas here.

Here are a few ideas from the Apache projects that I found particularly interesting:

CASSANDRA-876 - session consistency for Apache Cassandra.

COMDEV-26 - A SPDY protocol connector for Apache Tomcat.

CXF-2738 - a Zookeeper based service repository for CXF.

HARMONY-6455 - support for closures in Java / Harmony.

MAHOUT-342 - map/reduce enabled neural network with back propagation.

VYSPER-189 - Websockets / BOSH support for XMPP Ajax clients.

ZOOKEEPER-702 - Smart distributed failure detector for Zookeeper.

ZOOKEEPER-703 - DNS server backed by Zookeeper.

and -- shameless plug :) -- the ideas I've submitted for Apache Tuscany:

TUSCANY-3521 - a Pubsubhubbub binding. Curious about Pubsubhubbub? it's a really promising Web based publish / subscribe protocol, initially from Google and Six Apart.

TUSCANY-3522 - a No-SQL datastore component over Apache Cassandra, CouchDb, Hadoop/HBase, a good opportunity for students to experiment with these new cool No-SQL databases.

TUSCANY-3523 - distributed Haskell components, or "functional programming meets distributed composite applications".

Finally, some cool ideas in these ideas lists from Facebook, Mozilla, Python, Eclipse, Ubuntu, and Haskell.

That's just my selection, there's many more to check out...

So, students... want to gain real world software engineering experience and get paid? check out these project ideas, and apply now!

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