Monday, April 19, 2010

Functional Programming, a perfect fit for Web Programming?

The last few months I've become really interested in Functional Programming. I've learned Haskell, Scheme, and F#. I've also looked at how to do Functional Programming in Imperative Programming languages like Python, Java, C and C++.

I've been doing that as a hobby on evenings and weekends, as I'm only using Java at work. Evenings and weekends have added up and I've actually done quite a bit of real functional programming in Scheme and F# now, as well as some functional 'style' programming in Python and C++ in weekend contributions to the Apache Tuscany C++ SCA project.

I'm only starting to digest that Functional Programming experience.

I've also done Web programming for 15 years and have been lucky to work on projects using so many Web frameworks and languages that I can't remember all of them... Well, I still remember when I almost gave up on programming altogether, out of frustration as I was trying to do something like... AJAX in 1996... and Internet Explorer and Netscape were driving me crazy and crashing all the time :). We didn't have a fancy name like AJAX at the time, just dynamic HTML and Javascript.

I'm not sure I've completely digested Web programming yet, but I've got over a number of good and bad, or let's say 'learning', experiences.

Last week I was bored and I started to think about similarities between Functional Programming and Web Programming. I thought about a few fun analogies:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

GCC 4.5 released! now supports Lambda Expressions

GCC 4.5 just got released! with support for lambda expressions (see first class functions also), as part of some experimental support for C++0x (the upcoming ISO C++ standard.)

There are many other changes in GCC 4.5 but this new support for lambda expressions is great news for all the Linux developers out there interested in functional programming!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Experimenting with Databases

I've been playing around with various Open-Source databases for a little weekend database project.

Last weekend was really rainy. April usually feels like summer here, but this year is an el Nino year so we're getting a lot of rain... I shouldn't complain though, as the rain turns into great powder in Tahoe and we've had a great ski season!!

But I didn't go skiing last weekend... For my database project I had two buckets of data to work with:

Monday, April 5, 2010

Apache Vysper XMPP Server first release

The Apache MINA project has announced the very first release of their XMPP server product Apache Vysper.

Apache Vysper 0.5 is easy to install, easily extensible and embeddable. It is based, of course, on MINA.

You can find the Vysper release here:

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