Monday, April 5, 2010

Apache Vysper XMPP Server first release

The Apache MINA project has announced the very first release of their XMPP server product Apache Vysper.

Apache Vysper 0.5 is easy to install, easily extensible and embeddable. It is based, of course, on MINA.

You can find the Vysper release here:

Vysper comes with Multi-User Chat and Publish-Subscribe extensions enabled out-of-the-box. It does not yet implement the whole XMPP spec and stack, so be careful when you plan to use it in a production environment.

I think this is great news! as Vysper is the first XMPP server with a friendly Apache open-source license. The other server with a friendly license is Prosody, written in LUA, with an MIT/X11 license. All the other good servers (jabberd, ejabberd etc) are GPL.

I experimented a bit with Vysper in the Apache Tuscany project to test some XMPP Chat components and it worked pretty well for me! I also found it really easy to embed, register Jabber/XMPP ids, start the server etc. Here's an example from a Tuscany test case.

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