Thursday, May 13, 2010

Apache Libcloud v0.3.1 released

The Apache Software Foundation and the Apache Libcloud project have announced the release of version 0.3.1 of Apache Libcloud. Apache Libcloud is a pure Python client library for interacting with many of the popular cloud server providers.

Apache Libcloud v0.3.1 is available for download from the project download page as well as PyPi.

I've been playing around with Libcloud to experiment and deploy SCA apps running on the Tuscany native (aka Tuscany-cpp) and Tuscany Java runtimes to EC2, and it's been working pretty well for me. The Libcloud API is very simple and makes it really easy to write Python scripts that automate the deployment, start, stop etc of compute nodes running SCA apps.

If I find some free time this weekend, I'll try to clean up a bit the Libcloud-based deployment scripts I've been playing with, and add them to the Tuscany native sample apps.

Also, I think it should be relatively easy to hook similar scripts with the Tuscany SCA domain manager Web app, which currently only supports local nodes but could be extended to deploy SCA components to remote nodes in the cloud.

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