Tuesday, October 19, 2010

JavaOne 2010 - Composite Apps for the Cloud with Apache Tuscany

Time flies! Almost a month has passed since JavaOne... I wanted to post my JavaOne 2010 presentation earlier, but have been busy with work... and a nice vacation in France.

Luciano Resende and I presented our experience with various cloud infrastructures and platforms, the challenges we're seeing, and how SCA composition and the Apache Tuscany and Apache Nuvem projects can help.

Here's the presentation abstract:

Today's cloud environments pose new challenges for application developers: hiding cloud infrastructure from business logic, assembling components on heterogeneous and distributed cloud environments, and optimizing the provisioning of the required cloud resources.
This session will demonstrate how to use Apache Tuscany and the Service Component Architecture (SCA) to develop, build, and run an application composed of several service components in a distributed cloud environment.
We'll illustrate how to encapsulate cloud infrastructure services as SCA components to simplify the construction and assembly of the application and how to move components around and rewire the application to adjust to new business and cloud deployment conditions.

... and the slides:

The session went pretty well. The room was full, the demos worked (see slides 22 and 27 for diagrams of what we demo'ed). There were interesting questions and a good discussion after the presentation.

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