Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Full support for Git at Apache

The Apache infrastructure team is starting to work on full support for Git at Apache. Woo-hoo!!

Many contributors already use the Apache Git mirrors and git-svn, but this will take Git usage at Apache to the next level.

Discussions are happening on the Apache infrastructure-dev mailing list there and JIRA issues have been opened to track the initial tasks there.

Issue INFRA-317 will be particularly interesting, I think... as it's about describing the basic Git workflows that will be used by Apache committers.

Git is a distributed version control system which makes it very easy for individual contributors to work in isolation on local private repositories for some time, then publish and merge their work with others later.

That's different from the traditional Apache way, where contributors from a project community collaborate more closely around a centralized (Subversion) repository.

So, I think it'll be interesting to see how these distributed and centralized workflows can be reconciled, to allow people to use Git for everything it's good at, while still following the Apache way.

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