Thursday, January 20, 2011

CLang completes support for C++0x variadic templates

The CLang project has just completed support for C++0x variadic templates (see [1], [2], [3]).

Pretty good news! CLang now compares well with GCC.

The CLang and underlying LLVM projects use liberal BSD, NCSA and MIT licenses compatible with the Apache 2.0 license (see [4]). That's better than GCC, GPL licensed and usable to build an Apache project but not embeddable in the project itself.

I've been thinking about using CLang in the Apache Tuscany C++ project for a while.

I'd like to use its API to convert SCA composites (XML docs describing SCA component assemblies) into C++0x templates and compile them into machine code on the fly, instead of having to interpret all the XML gorp at run-time.

Think of it like an 'SCA assembly JIT compiler'...

Benefits: ultimate speed, CPU and space, cloud resources (and resulting monthly bill) optimizations, and less XML parsing and interpretation code to worry about.

Requirement: support for C++0x variadic templates...

Patience may pay off after all, as it is finally there.

I gotta try that stuff this weekend!


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