Saturday, October 1, 2011

Building Web APIs @ JavaOne 2011

I'm not presenting at JavaOne this year. I've been too busy at work (working on cloud integration and mobile) to focus on any conference presentations.

Last year Luciano Resende and I presented how to create composite apps out of components deployed on several cloud platforms using Apache open source software. See there for the slides and details.

This year Luciano and Raymond Feng will be giving a presentation on how to implement Web APIs, which should be really interesting!

Title: Building Flexible APIs for Web 2.x/Cloud Applications (25208)
Time: Monday, 12:30 PM
Location: Hilton San Francisco, Imperial Ballroom B

Using an open and simple API is a great way to build a developer ecosystem and grow a user base dramatically for Web 2.x (social/cloud/mobile) applications. But building flexible APIs can be a challenge. This session covers how to build a nice Web API from scratch, using open source stacks.

... and they've told me that they're going to show a great demo too!

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