Sunday, October 16, 2011

Game Industry Forecast - Rapid Growth and a Changing Market

Interesting study and forecast on the game industry there, as Zynga is preparing for IPO and announced 10 new products this week.

The global game industry will generate $60 billions in revenue for 2011. It's not a surprise, but gaming is the only media business growing right now with a rapid growth driven by mobile games, as games are the leading apps on smartphones and tablets.

The game market seems to be changing rapidly from hardcore gamers (mostly teenage boys) to casual gamers with older households (35+yr old), and women (42% of the gamers now), as browsers and mobile are bringing new populations to casual and social games.

The game technical platforms are also shifting quickly to the Web browser. With technologies like HTML5, Canvas, SVG, and WebGL for example, Web browsers have become the most convenient platform for games, and it's now clear that games in browsers are the future. See this interview of the founder of Electronic Arts for more insight and his thoughts on what's happening.

Clearly, that means challenges ahead for the established game companies which have to adapt quickly. That also means great opportunities for new players to come and disrupt the mobile game market!!

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