Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Apache HTTP Server 2.3.15 released!

Back to blogging after a break from it as I was too busy the last few days... with some great news!

The Apache Software Foundation and the Apache HTTP Server Project have announced the release of Version 2.3.15-beta of the Apache HTTP Server (also known as "Apache" or "HTTPD"). This version is the 4th, and likely final, beta release before the general availability of the 2.4 release, with lots of interesting new features, described there.

The following will be particularly useful if you're using HTTPD server to run apps in the cloud:
  • Rate limiting and request timeout control, to protect your server against misbehaving clients;
  • Improvements to the HTTP proxy, in particular with clustering, load balancing, and failover;
  • A better multi-threaded processing module (called Event MPM) capable of handling more HTTP connections, typically kept alive and open between requests by Web browsers, with less threads;
  • Performance improvements, focusing on latency and request / response turnover.

So, with HTTPD 2.3.15 you get a more robust and faster HTTP server with load balancing for horizontal scaling in the cloud! I've been playing with the 2.3.* code for some time, and it has been working really well for me. It'll be great to finally get a 2.4 GA release with all these new cool features! Hopefully soon...

For more info, config examples and performance data, see this presentation from Jim Jagielski.

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