Monday, April 23, 2012

Comparing Broadband Internet Service Providers

It looks like ATT is starting to offer Fiber Optics Internet in my area. I've been pretty happy with Comcast Cable Internet but I thought I'd check it out anyway.

There are many unreliable and biased ISP comparisons out there but I came across an interesting report from the Federal Communication Commission: "Measuring Broadband America - A Report on Consumer Wireline Broadband Performance in the U.S.".

The report is available there. It compares Internet Service Providers using various criterias, including actual vs advertised performance. If you're shopping for a Broadband ISP, take a look and draw your own conclusions...

For now I'm staying with Comcast Cable Internet. I will check again when/if Verizon FiOS ever becomes available here.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Instagram Architecture - How they're scaling their data storage layer

A brief overview of the Instagram Architecture (just acquired by Facebook for $1B) on the High Scalability blog, based on an earlier post on the Instagram Engineering blog.

It's interesting to see how they're scaling their data storage layer using 12 PostgreSQL databases in a master-replica setup with streaming replication, PostgreSQL schemas for sharding, Skype's PgBouncer to pool database connections, and vmtouch to load disk pages in memory.

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